Core Loss Calculator

Part Number: ES55202-140M-160AH

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  • *Inductance @ I peak DC Bias current in the datasheet is the measured value, whereas in this page it is the calculated value.
  • The Temp rise (ΔT)°C is based on no air flow condition.
  • The Total Temp Rise (ΔT) is (AC + DC) Temp Rise WITHOUT ANY AIRFLOW. This temp will be much lower with some air flow


  • Winding loss: This is DCR winding I2R
  • Core Loss DC: Power Loss at the core
  • Core AC : Core loss is generated by the changing magnetic flux field within a material.


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Core Loss AC: (W)

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Temp Rise AC: (ΔT°C)

Total Temp Rise (ΔT) No Airflow: (ΔT°C)